Wing?rdhs Designs Sandqvist’s New Nature-Inspired Paris Boutique

The exterior of Sandqvist’s flagship boutique in the heart of the Marais. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.

Swedish handbag brand Sandqvist’s recently opened its first Parisian boutique, set in the heart of the Marais. Designed by Swedish firm Wingårdhs, the shop is a sophisticated and contemporary interpretation of “Nordic nature.”

“Nature and sustainability are deeply embedded into the brand’s DNA—and that was our starting point,” explains Wingårdhs of the design. Inspiration came from icy frozen lakes, the forest, and traditional red Swedish barns, and plays out in the use of solid planks of Douglas fir; a stone block that serves double duty as both a display and a bench; a display vignette that is a stylized grove of trees; and a storage cabinet made from upcycled 100-year-old barn siding. Of particular note, is the large reflective surface made of recycled stainless steel that is meant to poetically represent the mirrored surface of a pond—adding both raw elegance and a bit of pizzazz.

Taking inspiration from “Nordic nature,” Wingårdhs created custom displays from untreated planks of Douglas fir. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.

An oversized recycled stainless-steel panel is meant to represent the mirrored surface of an icy pond. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.
A stone block table can used for display or additional seating. Vintage planks repurposed from a 100-year-old Swedish barn are given a new life as a generously sized storage unit. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.
The firm preserved some elements of the original interior. Sharp neon lights crisscross the ceiling adding a contemporary edge. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.
A mix of recycled black wood panels and mirrors compose a stylized “forest-like” display. Photography by Jakob Ericsson.

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