Scout & Nimble Feels at Home Inside Former Missouri Bar

Currey & Company’s Bastian chandelier in wrought iron and wood hangs over Dekton countertops in the office’s kitchen. Photography by Emily Sewell.

For the design of its own headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, design firm and online furniture retailer Scout & Nimble aimed to create a “relaxed and collaborative environment that felt like home,” says co-founder and president Jesse Bodine. The 6,000-square-foot space, previously occupied by a bar attached to a bowling alley, had fallen into disrepair while waiting for new tenants. Bodine separated the firm’s offices from the larger 30,000-square-foot warehouse and added two bathrooms, a kitchen, four private offices, and a door that opens to their loading dock. 

To transform a former bar into Scout & Nimble’s own offices, the designers added three new skylights and a black powder-coated steel handrail on the stairs leading to the basement. Photography by Emily Sewell.

Paramount to making clients and staff alike feel welcome is the full kitchen at the center of the space, featuring white-oak cabinets and luxurious finishes in brushed bronze and gold. True to its name, the studio deftly touched up the concrete floors, added new skylights, and installed furnishings from many of their most coveted brands, including Hudson Valley, Four Hands, Loloi, Currey & Company, Orient Express, and Jamie Young.

A staging area near the front showcases more furnishings from the Scout & Nimble collection, including products from the S&N Styling Library. Photography by Emily Sewell.
Kitchen islands in acacia and marble anchor the office’s left wing, mostly used for client consultations and collaborating on projects. Photography by Emily Sewell.
Pendant fixtures over the desks are sourced from Hudson Valley’s Lydney Collection, which Scout & Nimble sells. Photography by Emily Sewell.
Scout & Nimble CEO Sam Bodine with co-founder and president Jesse Bodine. Photography by Emily Sewell.

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