H2R Softens an Industrial Salon in Abu Dhabi

FIRM H2R Design
SQ. FT. 1,100 SQF

A new business devoted to helping customers look their best should look its best, too. So, when Rose Poudre, a salon concept in Abu Dhabi’s Galleria Mall, decided to grow from a hairstyling bar into a full-service salon, they enlisted H2R Design to freshen up the look of the space.

“We wanted to design an escape for women, a space that communicated radiating positivity and confidence,” says co-founder and partner Hasan Roomi. An industrial palette of concrete and marble is warmed by rose gold details throughout the 1,100-square-foot salon. “Curved acrylic panels, using a light pink to warm white gradient, visually break up the white concrete walls,” says co-founder and partner Husain Roomi, “softening up the space.”

The styling area is defined by custom storage and Carrara marble counters. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.

The most important part of a beauty business, though, is lighting. “We needed the light to be bright enough so that hair colorists could work true to colors whilst maintaining the overall relaxing and warm mood,” says partner Jacqui Shaddock. “So, it’s tailored to each area—brighter in the retail shelving and haircut area, and dimmer in the hair wash and nail area.” And for a finishing touch, wire art from ArtPaintingLab offers a fresh, artistic aesthetic among the estheticians.

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In the pedicure area, guests relax on chairs and poufs by Fogia, with custom stools and tales by Visiontech. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.
The reception desk is Salome and Carrara marble, with rose gold details, beneath a Tala pendant. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.
A waiting area near reception features Saba Italia chairs and custom acrylic light diffusers across the window. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.
The shampoo area is covered in Muraspec wallpaper, with Maletti seating through Nazih. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.
The new façade at the entrance is rose gold with etched, frosted glass and signage of marble. Photography by Nikola Stokanovic.

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