Doppelg?ngers by Patrick Tighe Architecture: 2018 Best of Year Winner for Exhibition Project

PROJECT NAME Doppelg?ngers
LOCATION Los Angeles
FIRM Patrick Tighe Architecture
SQ. FT. 1,000 SQF

An architect and artist dexterous in a range of media, the freshly minted Interior Design Hall of Fame member is multitalented indeed. The A+D Museum recently celebrated Patrick Tighe's expansive expertise—as well as the process informing his projects—with an installation encompassing nearly 1,000 square feet of its brick-lined gallery. The two-month show presented Tighe's drawings, photographic collages, and scale models, some of them 3-D printed and painted to resemble sculptural objects, an effect reinforced by the steel-based pedestals on which they were displayed. A visit to the downtown museum enabled visitors to see his large architectural works writ small or, in other words, their doppelgängers.

Doppelgängers by Patrick Tighe Architecture. Photography by Antonio Follo.

The show was, for Tighe, an exercise in reminiscence. “Often the entanglement of architectural legislation and the urgency of schedules dilute the DNA of design,” he says. “The exhibition was a return to the inception, pulling the initial inspiration—the ideal, quote, or quirk that ignited each project—back to the focal point.” Did we mention that heady eloquence is yet another of Tighe’s talents?

Doppelgängers by Patrick Tighe Architecture. Photography by Antonio Follo.

Project Team: Antonio Follo; Kervin Lau; Luke Lupton; Albert Chavez; Meeghan Lee; Andreina Pepe; Felipe A. Hernandez; Will Yang; Ben Maertens; Bosen Li; Jesus Antonio; Tony Avila; Ana Antoni; Andrea Velasco; Renata Galan Hoffman; Roberto Gomez; Jennifer Mahan; Serena Guo; Mina Jun; Michael Ho; Bran Arifin; Louie Bofill; Juliana Cianfaglione; Pierina Merino; Haleh Olfati; Jasmine Park; Evelina Sausina; William Hu; Mariuska Stepenka.

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