Compost That Dress, It's Made With Wood Pulp

Finnish design brand Marimekko, known for maximalist prints, partnered with a fabric innovation startup to develop wood pulp-based fabric, which requires 99% less water than cotton production. Plus, each garment can be recycled or composted at the end of its lifecycle. 

How Will Driverless Cars Change City Streets?

There's no shortage of speculative plans that reimagine the future screetscape. But is it a road to nowhere? 

Step Aside, Sniffer Dogs
A Coast Away From Silicon Valley
Space Food For A New Era

Inside the World's First Regenerative Highway

Since ancient times, humans have been altering the environment to create throughways for the transport of food and goods, not to mention travel and military defense. But over the course of thousands of years, little has changed regarding the way roads are built. It’s still a necessity to clear trees and disrupt layers of earth to make way for smoother, more durable foundations, but at what cost?  

These Tech Innovations Help Reduce Carbon Impact
Ice Cream On Demand, Delivered By Drones
Introducing The "Anti-Solar Panel"

Researchers are in the midst of developing a solar panel that does the impossible—it works at night. The so-called "anti-solar panel" functions in reverse by harnessing the heat from Earth, rather than the sun, to generate electricity. 

Cotton with The Strength of Steel

Researchers at Northwestern University are collaborating with the United States Army to develop a cotton fabric that rapidly neutralizes deadly nerve agents. 

These Sleeping Pods Come With A Steep Price
Spider-Man Sans The Suit
Bacteria That Builds Bricks Is Here

A Bird's Eye View of Urban Renewal

As we settle into 2020, a look back at the last decade shows it was a transformative one for building developments. Take a look at how the tech industry, and other factors, led to the creation entirely new neighborhoods as seen from 400 miles above. 

Avatar On Wheels
Is Your Dog Stressed?
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

Want to change the channel with a simple glance toward the corner of the TV screen? The startup NextMind is pioneering a noninvasive neural interface, which sits at the back of the skull, that claims to help you do just that and more. 

Are You Real? The Advent of AI Beings

Artificial Intelligence beings that look and act like humans are soon-to-be a reality. At least that's what Samsung suggests in a series of social media posts teasing the unveiling of its artificial being NEON at the Consumer Electronics Show. 

It's Electric: Meet the World's Fastest Airplane
3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Healthcare
This Yacht Dives Deep

Would you work in an old airplane hangar?

Google has created a somewhat mythical office culture with its nap pods and upscale food options, but the company also has a knack for transforming old warehouses, factories, and storage facilities into sleek workplaces. Take a look at some of Google's most unique offices. 

Make Way for 3D-Printed Neighborhoods
May The Force Be With You
Cows Test Their Sea Legs
A Look At Future Farms

When it comes to technology, farming developments aren't always top of mind. But the 5G cellular software is transforming agriculture in more ways than one.

Next Gen Nuclear Plants Are Here

The next wave of nuclear reactors won't look like this! One energy startup created a compact prototype reactor, which uses hardly any nuclear fuel and is small enough to ship to any location.

Could Your DNA Help You Date?
Meet The Search Engine Tackling Climate Change
Calculating Carbon Emissions is Key to Improving Health

Drink Vodka out of Thin Air? Yup.

This company wants to make drinking this high-end vodka called Air one way to save the Earth. How? Well, they claim the vodka is manufactured in a way as to take greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere. 

Chip Ahoy!
Holograms Come of Age
Hats off to this 3D Printed Helmet
A House Blanket Could be the Solution to Wildfires

When wrapped around a building, these "whole-house fire blankets" can protect a structure from the ravages of wildfires.

Walk This Way

A French man who hasn't walked in two years took his first steps thanks to a high-tech suit controlled by implants in his brain.

Want To Mix Music Like A Pro?
It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's a Volocopter
Revolutionary Science Makes Its Way into Flooring Design

The Future of Food

Take a look at these companies shaping the way we eat with sustainable solutions and innovative technologies. 

Can Flame-Retardant Gel Protect Forests From Wildfires?
A new Biotechnology Solution Could be the end of Plastic
Artificial Intelligence-Driven Apps Deliver Relationship Advice
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