Interior Design Welcomes Manufacturers and Designers to Terranea for Re:Source 2019

Designers and manufacturers gathered late last week at Terranea Resort in Southern California for three days of meetings, networking, breakout sessions, and activities at Interior Design’s biannual Re:Source event. The 105 attendees arrived last Wednesday and got started by networking with peers, followed by a cocktail hour at the resort's Cielo Point Pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Photography by Zack Whitford.

A valuable industry event that connects designers and manufacturers, Re:Source allows designers to discover the latest offerings on the market and enables manufacturers to expand their client base through in-person meetings. Throughout the multi-day retreat, 1,050 of these types of meetings took place.

Of course, it wasn’t all business all the time. Attendees enjoyed cocktails and California cuisine Thursday night at Terranea's Mar'sel restaurant, then took advantage of the Southern California weather during their downtime on Friday afternoon by participating in wine-tasting, biking, and archery. Re:Source concluded with all attendees assembled for a closing dinner party on Friday night at Terranea's Nelson's restaurant.  

Photography by Zack Whitford.

A very special thank you to our Re:Source sponsors who made this event possible:

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