NKBA and Monogram Stay Cool at Impel America’s Miami Showroom?

NKBA’s Pamela Ryerson with NELSON’s Robert Gil and his wife.  Photography by Korey Davis Photography.

The Miami weather may have been balmy, but it was cool times at last night’s National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) and Monogram partner event at the Impel America showroom. Designers and foodies converged on the multi-line showroom to watch Celebrity Chef and two-time "Chopped" champion James Briscione (@jamesbriscione) whip up his tantalizing homemade gnocchi and seared tuna.  

“Wasn’t that amazing?” asked Susan Cozzi, Senior Designer Engagement Leader at Monogram, after watching guests chow down on the famous chef’s dishes. It was so good, in fact, that NKBA Creative Content Manager Dianne Pogoda said she took notes so she could make the dishes this weekend.

Impel America showroom owner Hector Marulanda with Chef Briscione. Photography by Korey Davis Photography.

Many other guests also felt the same, though they hoped to get some of the leftovers to bring home. “I hope we can bring some of this home,” said Robert Gil, Director of Contract Administration at NELSON, Miami, whose wife spotted a shower she wanted to buy as she strolled around the showroom. 

As he looked around the showroom near the end of the night, Impel America owner Hector Marulanda summed up the experience:  Yes, great company…and great food.”  Then he handed out a round of his showroom’s famous coffee. 

In shock and awe at how easy it is to make gnocchi, thanks to Chef James Briscione. Photography by Korey Davis Photography. 

Join NKBA, Monogram, and Chef Briscione for their next exclusive food event on September 24 from 6pm–9pm at the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen + Lighting Showroom in Brooklyn. To pre-register, go here.

OBMI Architecture’s Andrés Osario tasting the fruits of Chef’s Briscione’s labors after the cooking demo. Photography by Korey Davis Photography.
Monogram’s Susan Cozzi with Impel America’s (from left) Lazaro del Pino and Hector Marulanda and Monogram's Edsel Cadena. Photography by Mariantonia Gutierrez.
The perfect light dish for a hot balmy night in Miami. Photography by Korey Davis Photography. 

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