Three Throwback Seats Get a Second Chance

This trio of sinuous seats has roots in the past.

Designers: Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau 
for Gebrüder T 1819

Product: 214 Two-Tone

Standout: Studio Besau Marguerre applies a subtle two-tone stain to the ash frame of Michael Thonet’s 1859 bentwood-and-cane classic, further emphasizing the chair’s minimalist construction.

Designer: Nicole Hollis 
for for McGuire

Product: Melek

Standout: The Nicolehollis principal puts her spin on the iconic peacock chair from the 1970s by staining the rattan frame in her signature black in a matte finish and naming it after the Yezidi sect’s Melek Taus angel. 

Designer: Gabriel Abraham 
of Atelier de Troupe

Product: Coda

Standout: Founder and artistic director of the Insta-hot brand blends a circuitous polished-chrome frame with a leather sling for an art deco–revival chair that’s handmade today in Los Angeles. 

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