Jader Almeida Translates Bossa Nova Into a Chair for Sollos

Blame it on the bossa nova. More than a decade ago, Brazilian furniture designer Jader Almeida translated the rhythms of his country’s inimitable samba-jazz fusion into Bossa, a chair for Sollos. The solid-wood trapezoidal back and slender legs are deftly balanced by rattan intricately woven across the back and seat. This year, when Almeida exhibited at NYCxDesign with Raiz Project, a collective of compatriot designers, he showcased a new edition of Bossa in solid ash, in a Natural, Medium, or Dark finish. 

Bossa by Sollos. Photography courtesy of Sollos.
Bossa by Sollos. Photography courtesy of Sollos.

> See more from the September 2019 issue of Interior Design

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