Lutron Opens New Commercial Experience Center in Manhattan's NoMad Neighborhood

Lutron's new commercial Experience Center in NoMad, Manhattan. Photography courtesy of Lutron.

Lutron recently invited press and industry guests to visit its new commercial Experience Center in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood. At a spacious 5,500 square feet, it’s almost twice the size of Lutron’s previous Penn Plaza location. The center offers architects, designers, contractors, developers, and building owners an immersive experience that showcases Lutron’s range of lighting and control capabilities.

Lutron's Experience Center showcases Ketra's programmable smart lighting technology. Photography courtesy of Lutron.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by Lutron’s original 1961 rotary dimmer, signaling the origins of a product line focused on lighting control and the ways lighting can affect the human experience. A tour of the Experience Center showcases the four aspects of the Lutron HXL (human experience lighting) brand: quality light, natural light, connection to the outdoors, and adaptive and personalized controls.

The interactive spaces include a model hotel suite. Photography courtesy of Lutron.

The center is divided into distinct environments to show the different capabilities and use cases for Lutron's Ketra smart lighting system, including a lobby area, meeting rooms, and a model hotel suite.

The Experience Center displays functions that respond to and simulate natural light. Photography courtesy of Lutron.

Lutron also has commercial Experience Centers in Coopersburg, PA.; Plantation, FL.; Irvine, CA.; Washington, D.C.; and Toronto and London, as well as a residential Experience Center in Midtown Manhattan.

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